How attractive is the USA?

Just as good as your investment partner.
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Comprehensive and Transparent

International Capital’s core expertise is the acquisition, development, sale and management of commercial real estate, land investments, royalty investments, and related investment types in the United States. Each investment opportunity is based on a well-structured investment plan and private placement offering with regularly scheduled reporting updates from our investment team. We share market insights, progress against plan, and economic and financial reports for each project in our portfolio.

Reliable and Committed

Our service approach combines problem-solving with the reliability and accessibility of our team as well as tailored offerings to best fit the individual needs of our investors. We deliver precision, consistency, and focus that creates value for our clients across investment types. Additionally, our investments are risk-optimized and conservatively financed. We strive to avoid debt with appreciation-oriented investments and a personal investment by our senior management team in each deal.

Innovative and Exclusive

Our team continually monitors the economic development reports throughout the U.S. with the goal of identifying emerging, or even distressed, geographic and vertical markets that pose the strongest potential for successful returns. We internally source and craft our development opportunities and offer every investor not just innovative approaches and intelligent solutions, but proven and convincing results.

Service portfolio

Well structured investments as Private Placements including Commercial Real Estate, Land Investments, Royalty Investments and Renewable Energy.

Real Estate Asset and Property Management
Acquisition and Disposition
Land Planning and Development
Restructuring and Workouts
European Capital Market Access
Project Consulting