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Multifamily value-add and development projects make up more than 30% of IC’s current investments and is a growing sector within our portfolio. We are selective with the partners we work with and ensure they provide safe and fair working conditions. Our strategy is to work with partners who make sustainability a priority and have strong social governance practices in their operations as well as their supply chains for materials.

Our partnership with Stratus Properties for the Saint June, Class A multifamily development in Austin, Texas is an example of this strategy.

International Capital is proud to partner with Stratus Properties in one of its most environmentally friendly multifamily developments in Austin, Texas.

The project has been designed with sustainability goals to preserve the existing natural surroundings, reduce water and energy and encourage a low carbon lifestyle.


Office / Retail / Industrial Flex / Land

Many of our assets are primarily net-leased to our tenants, who are generally responsible for maintaining the buildings, including utilities management and the implementation of their own ESG practices.

Currently, 93% of IC’s retail tenants have sustainability plans in place, and 100% of IC’s office and industrial holdings are located in cities that include sustainability initiatives within their operating plans. Our team utilizes sustainable practices when possible and we look for opportunities to explore energy efficiency programs for our clients.

IC is committed to increasing sustainability and environmentally friendly investments in its portfolio and working with partners who make these initiatives a priority.

Environmental Initiatives At Work
International Capital recently installed a new higher SEER HVAC system that meets energy efficiency standards.
International Capital’s Property Management team includes LED Lights and Texas low-water required landscaping on many of its properties to conserve energy and water.
International Capital conducts an annual tenant survey to engage our tenants and ensure assets provide a good working environment.
International Capital’s renovation of restrooms at Bent Tree Gardens will include designs for water and paper saving features
From land to commercial assets, International Capital’s acquisition team considers the environmental condition and impact of assets as part of the due diligence process. Nearly all of our retail tenants have corporate ESG initiatives in place. As landlords or landowners, IC strives to be a good neighbor in communities in which we operate.
To maximize the ecological benefits, livestock, agriculture and a beekeeper make good use of Princeton, Texas land prior to and during development.

Housing & Development

International Capital has been an active homebuilder and developer in Eagle County, Colorado for several years and sustainability is a key part of our projects.

Energy Efficient appliances
Built to green standard
Low impact construction
Use of native grasses to conserve water