Administration and Cash Management

We can help administer all cash balances
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Holding property in the form of an American partnership is often the most advantageous form of investment for foreign investors.

At the same time, the establishment of such a company entails administrative tasks, which are fulfilled by our property management services. Company administration includes the accounting required under American tax laws up to the commercial balance sheet and represents the companies vis-à-vis the tax office, banks and a large number of US authorities.

In cooperation with local attorneys and tax advisors, the company administration takes care of the preparation of all necessary minute books, tax returns and reporting forms. To make the investment attractive and worry-free for our investors, International Capital offers strategic planning and active enforcement of projects to optimize operating results.

Due to the investment activity of non-resident investors, there is also often a need to manage cash denominated in U.S. dollars in private or corporate accounts with U.S. banks. International Capital is therefore also happy to take over the cash management, thus ensuring the highest possible interest income during the waiting periods until the purchase of the properties, as well as the best possible use of the surplus funds from building investments.

After consultation with the client, funds held in private or corporate accounts are invested at the best possible interest rate for between 30 and 90 days or longer. Account movements are monitored, appropriate client ledgers are maintained and a quarterly report is prepared on account balances, interest credited and investments completed.

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