International Capital

Corporate History
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International Capital, LLC (IC) was founded in 1978 and has been managed successfully for more than 45 years.

Andreas K. Bremer, President and CEO, joined the company as Chief Financial Officer in October 2002 and focuses on business operations and the identification of future customer groups and sales channels.

International Capital's goal is to give investors the opportunity to profit from the growing US real estate market and realize long-term investment goals all while minimizing risk.

Over the years, IC has built long-term relationships with our clients and earned a reputation of trust and transparency while representing our customers’ interest. IC is always fair and detail oriented, prioritizing results, security and customer service.

Our professional, and to a large extent German-speaking, team ensures a complete and reliable representation of the interests of our customers. That includes managing the acquisition process, the coordination of attorneys, tax and financial advisors, purchasing agreements, assistance with inheritance matters, and asset transfers. For many years now, our special expertise is the purchase, administration, and sale of commercial property and land parcels in the US real estate market. Particular attention is devoted to overcoming difficulties faced by non-American buyers, such as language barriers, cultural differences, unfamiliar business practices, and communication problems.

With more than 70% of our clients International, they benefit from having a knowledgeable local partner in the U.S. IC maintains close ties with institutional investors, private individuals and clients with portfolios over $10 Million.

""It is very beneficial to know a local partner who is experienced in the US and knows the needs of German investors.""
Leading German private bank

International Capital guarantees reliability and security at the highest level for all our projects. The research and development of risk-optimized investment opportunities is as important to us as the comprehensive, precise and individual support of our customers. IC values conservative financing when structuring of portfolios and future holdings. Equity investments are carried out without borrowing funds if possible. Our leading employees usually invest in the projects themselves which proves the conviction in the work we do. Reliability and professionalism are not a slogan for our company - it is the basis of our success.

In select assets, IC aligns with investment and development partners who have expertise and experience in their sector and local market. Currently, IC manages assets in 11 States with the majority of capital invested in Texas and the Southwest.


Our scope of activities includes:

• Property Management

• U.S. Assets Management

• Asset Management for Institutional Investors

• Acquisition and disposition of real estate assets

• Selection and brokerage of real estate in the USA (licensed broker in Texas)

• Management and positioning of problem cases

The exclusivity of our investment opportunities also makes us an outstanding investment partner. International Capital offers its selected group of investors innovative approaches, intelligent solutions and, above all, convincing results.