Property Management

Providing custom financial and management services to precisely fit each client’s needs.
157 Lonestar

The quality of property management is critical to the success or failure of an investment. We therefore conscientiously and thoroughly enforce all provisions of American leases, which differ in many respects from those in Europe. Extensive education of the owner is provided both during personal visits and in writing.

  • Coordination of leasing and marketing activities to promote the property
  • Negotiation with prospective and existing tenants and brokers
  • Assessment of physical condition of property
  • Development of service programs and repair and replacement plans
  • Budgeting and financial projections to assess the future potential of a property
  • Bidding, selection of contractors and supervision of tenant improvement
  • Research and assessment of property tax valuations
  • Collection of rent, with follow-up by letter or personal contact, when necessary
  • Payment of mortgage installments and all property operating expenses
  • Ensuring compliance with governmental requirements affecting the value of the property
  • Preparation of monthly accounting reports detailing income, expenses, and cash position of the property
  • Procurement of all property and related insurance