Investition in Apartmentwohnanlagen

Entwicklungs - und Akquisitionsinvestitionsmöglichkeiten in den USA
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Residential Real Estate - Investment Strategy

International Capital invests as limited partners into multifamily development projects and value-add or core-plus assets, creating strategic partnerships with institutional-quality developers and operators in high growth US markets particularly in Texas.

Since 2018, International Capital has invested in over $670 million of multifamily development projects and acquisitions totaling, surpassing 3,150 units. International Capital continues to pursue investment opportunities with experienced, local developers and operators to provide above average returns to investors.

  • Current Markets: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, Central Florida
  • New Markets: San Antonio, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham, Nashville
Operating in North America for more than 40 years
Senior employees involved in almost all projects themselves
Several multifamily projects under construction
Personalized advice from fixed contact persons
For further inquiries about International Capital’s multifamily investments, please contact:
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Andrew Doster
Director, Multifamily Investments
+1 (469) 687-2500 Büro
+1 (469) 687-2526 Direkt
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Victoria (Bremer) Shaneyfelt
+1 (469) 687-2500 Büro
+1 (469) 687-2524 Direkt