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Upload Instructions:

  1. Type your name or the project name into the "Add folder" box and click on the  Add Folder  to create a new folder
  2. click on the new folder to navigate there
  3. click on the Add File(s) symbol to open the file selection box. Select one or more files from your PC you want to upload. 
  4. Email the person within International Capital to advise that you uploaded the files. 

We will automatically get a notice of the upload and move the files away shortly.

Please note:

  • You can only upload certain file types (such as most Office documents, PDF, MP3 audio and MP4 video). If the file extension you want to upload is not allowed (and you cannot find it on your PC), please pack the file first (ZIP, RAR, 7z) and then upload.
  • If your browser does not support flash, please click on "Use HTML form" to upload the old way
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